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Marketing is the platform where product can be promoted. The promotion and distribution of a product or service. It also includes market survey to analysis customer needs and requirements. The marketing can be increase the value of the product and it can become brand.


Digital marketing now becomes daily activities in the business. Because of huge competitions in the market every business started online services to satisfied customers need.
Future in the Digital marketing:
Before I answer your question here are some facts that I would like to share. As per the market requirement there will be over 1.6 lac job requirement in 2016. (The Times of India)


As per the recent studies Internet predictions in India is yet to crossing 18% of the population however this population is 10 times more than the population of Australia. According to a recent survey report released by IAMAI and IMRB, Internet penetration in India will cross 462,124,989 million by 2016. The number of mobile Internet users in India is expected to grow over 55 % to 371 million by June this year.


Through this statistics, it reflects how India is moving in the Digital World. As you have seen there any many ecommerce store which is growing at rapid speed and there is a huge demand to resource to contribute in their needs. When demand is high supply is also required by becoming a Digital Marketers you can fit in to this Digital Marketing industry and earn a handsome salary.


Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industry, in business market where students, professionals, small businesses are eager to understand and learn Digital Marketing to move business ahead.


In Digital Marketing helps to learn the concepts like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Products (AdWords, AdSense, Analytics), Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Affiliated marketing.


I feel very fortunate to be a part of Lemonoids where I had got on-job training cum internship. By understanding the growth of Digital marketing I had made myself to learn and grow in marketing areas.

GET TRAINED – GET GOOGLE CERTIFIED – GET PLACED. Check Live Courses if you would want learn Digital Marketing and get placed.


It was a great learning experience.  At the same time, I would like to thank my digital instructor for all his support and perseverance.  Today, I can proudly call myself a Digital Marketing Expert because of Lemonoids. I express gratitude to the management of Lemonoids for designing my career. The people who are interested in Digital Marketing and if looking for an Institutional course then I strongly recommend a visit of Lemonoids.  Thank you for reading my review.


More about Lemonoids:
Join an Award Winning Digital Marketing Academy, where CAREER is define, more than a JOB! Lemonoids, a global internet marketing training provider for Corporates, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students to succeed; a turnkey which craft careers and strengthen the passion to “Next Level of Marketing”. Professors, Lab assistants are real industry experts and key facets whose skills and knowledge are assets for each individual.


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