Home remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity Problems

Now a days the obesity and excess weight problems are increasing in huge manner, by in taking of junk food, unable to maintain proper diet in time by daily routine, oily items and fired recipes, desserts, are delicious food they have large amount of calories it increase weight. obesity increase fat cells and the size of it pass throughout the body, there is no such specific symptoms to it but leads to harmful health problems such as Blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, different kind of cancer diseases, gall bladder disorders, it is caused overeating most them have habit of consuming excess food than required. You can cure weight loss through home remedies.


Honey and Ginger juice

The Honey and Ginger combination is the wonder to cure weight loss. Honey is rich in fructose and it work as fuel for the liver to produce glucose and it turns and release fat burning hormones, Ginger helps to reduce the carving of the unhealthy and junk foods, it is a natural remedy and it increase boosting the metabolism  and increase of the temperature. Consuming this mixture daily to cure weight loss.


How to prepare the Honey with Ginger juice

Take 3pieces of ginger and chop it finely and grind it.

Extract the juice and mix the 3 tablespoons of honey to it.

Stir it well and drink this juice daily in morning time with empty stomach.

You will see instant results with in a month.

Lemon Juice and Honey

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it helps in purifying the blood and honey increase in boosts the metabolism and increase temperature by releasing excess fat burning hormones. The combination of lemon and honey is good to have for better health and weight loss, this drink helps to make a person active throughout the day.


How to prepare lemon juice with honey

Take 1glass of water and heat till 45 seconds and add honey to it.

After mixing it then add lemon juice to this mixture.

Consume it daily in the morning by empty stomach.

You  will notice results in 15 days.

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