History of golconda fort hyderabad, India.

Golconda Fort (Shepherd’s Hill) which means Golla Konda in Telugu while as indicated by legend, on this rough slope a shepherd kid had gone over a symbol and the data was passed on to the decision Kakatiya Dynasty around then,  It was initially known as Mankal, and based on a ridge in the year 1143. It was initially a mud fort under the rule of Rajah of Warangal. Later it was strengthened somewhere around fourteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years by the Bahmani Sultans and afterward the decision Qutub Shahi tradition. Golconda was the primary capital of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty. The internal stronghold contains vestiges of royal residences, mosques and a slope beat structure, which ascends around 130 meters high and gives a 10,000 foot perspective of different structures.


Golconda stronghold is without a doubt one of most great fortification buildings in India. The historical backdrop of Golconda Fort does a reversal to mid thirteenth century, when it was managed by the Kakatiya’s trailed by Qutub Shahi rulers, who controlled the locale in sixteenth and seventeenth century. The port lays on a stone slope 120 meters high while tremendous crenellated bulwarks encompass this structure.

The lord built a mud fortress around this blessed spot and following 200 years, Bahmani rulers claimed the place. Later the Qutub Shahi rulers changed over this into monstrous rock fortress amplifying 5kms in perimeter. The post is viewed as a quiet observer to noteworthy occasions. The Qutub Shahi’s reign at Golconda finished in 1687 when it was keep running over by Mughal head Aurangzeb, who purposefully left it in vestiges

Golconda still brags of mounted guns, four drawbridges, eight portals, and great corridors, magazines, stables and so forth. The furthest fenced in area is called Fateh Darwaza meaning Victory entryway, after Aurangzeb’s armed force walked effectively through this door. At Fateh Darwaza one can witness awesome acoustical impacts, which is one among the numerous popular building wonders about Golconda. Applauding your hand at one point close to the vault spellbind resounds which is heard plainly at the slope beat structure, very nearly one kilometer away. This served as a notice note to the tenants of the fortress of any approaching threat, obviously it now diverts guests. The fortification picks up an amazing spot among the design wonders and legacy structures of India and is a declaration to Hyderabad’s glorious past. Golconda is one of the famous monument in hyderabad it is under “Telangana Tourism”.

Golconda Fort Timings : 09:00 AM to 05:30PM

Golconda Fort Entry Ticket : 10/- per Indians & 100/- per Foreigners

Light & Sound Show Timings & Cost : In Golconda Fort the light and sound show is available as per the season. In winter 06:00PM to 07:00 PM and where as in summer 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM. The Cost of this show for Adults 130/- and For child 100/- and 30/- for camera.

Golconda Fort is closed on Friday and it is opened on public holidays.

Golconda Fort Address: Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana, India – 500008.



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