Charminar an Icon of Telangana Tourism(Hyderabad), India

Charminar is the icon of Hyderabad and located center of the city, it is an historical monument but also a mosque, Mohammed Quli Qutub Shahi the 5th dynasty of Quli Qutub Shahi has built this Charminar in the year 1591, to honor for complete destruction of plague, as Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah had appealed to the God for the end of a plague that was attacking his city and promised to built a Mosque at the very place where he has done prayer.  Charminar is situated close to the bank of the river Musi. The meaning of Charminar is “Char means four” and “Minar means tower”, which implies four towers. Mir Momin Astarabadi of Qutub Shah tradition assumed a critical part and he requested broad arrangements for the outline and design. History believe the structure is in the form Indo-Islamic architecture joined with couple of Persian components.



The history say that it was manufactured it out of appreciation for his better half, Bhagya mathi. There is additionally legend that confesses about the presence of a mystery burrow underneath the landmark interfacing the stronghold at Golconda that was made as a way to get out to illustrious family in a crisis. Each of the sides measure 20 meters height while the minarets are situated at a stature of 48.7 meters starting from the earliest stage. Every side of Charminar opens into a court like structure where the goliath curves disregard the significant lanes. It is an unmistakable square structure that measures 31.95 Mts. on every side while forcing curves traverse a separation of 11mts. The four minarets ascend to a tallness of 56 Mts. The elaborate curves on the minarets upgrade the tasteful esteem. There are 149 round strides inside every minaret and one of them is open for sightseers to climb and appreciate a stunning perspective of the city. It likewise houses the most seasoned mosque in Hyderabad with petition spaces for the faithful to love.

Islamic design of those circumstances is set apart by curves, minarets, and vaults. The structure is renowned for its bountiful stucco embellishments and course of action of noteworthy balustrades and overhangs. The botanical plan is executed carefully and stands as a magnum opus to the mix of Mughal and Hindu design created by the nearby artisans. The four checks in four cardinal bearings were included the year 1889. The base of Charminar has a water reservoir situated at focus which comprises of a little wellspring for ablutions, before the dedicated offer supplications in the mosque. Charminar has turned out to be synonymous with the way of life of old city of Hyderabad and the range is likewise a prevalent goal for lip smacking Muslim dishes, bright bangles, pearls, gems and different things. The place is an image of Hyderabadi culture and stands tall and pleased as an indication of the transcendent period.

Charminar Timings: 09:00AM to 05:00PM and it is open on all days.

Charminar Entry Ticket: 5/- per indians and 100/- per foreigners.

Charminar Address: Char Kaman, Ghansi Bazar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India-500002.

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