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Blueberry, regularly viewed as Natural force’s super cancer prevention agent, positions as the second most loved organic product on the planet after strawberry. From sweet to tart and tart, blueberries are developed in bunches and range in a size from a pea to a marble. The organic product turns from light green to dim blue after aging.


There are three regularly discovered assortments of blueberries.

High-bush Blueberries: These are the generally developed and prominently eaten assortment of blueberries. This assortment of berries is extremely prominent in the U.S. As the name means, they can develop as high as 12 feet!

Low-bush Blueberries: Additionally alluded to as ‘wild berries’, they become under two feet tall starting from the earliest stage. The berries of this assortment are generally littler in estimate.

Lowbush Blueberries: Local toward the southern U.S., this assortment grows up to 20 feet in stature.


Blueberries are eaten as an organic product or prepared into jams, jams, blueberry pies, and so forth. Blueberry stick is an extremely mainstream sauce produced using blueberries, water, sugar and organic product pectin. In a couple of western nations, blueberry wine produced using the fragile living creature and skin of the berry is likewise accessible.

Nourishing Quality

  1. Blueberries are a wellspring of assorted miniaturized scale supplements that are required for the human body.
  2. Most investigations have recommended that blueberries impacts circulatory strain direction.
  3. The natural product is additionally low in fat containing just 80 calories.
  4. Blueberries are stuffed with anthocyanins, which gives it the profound purple shading. These are awesome hostile to inflammatories and cell reinforcements known to avert tumor, heart diesases, maturing and so on.
  5. They are additionally an incredible wellspring of Vitamin C and since our body can’t store or deliver Vitamin C its optimal to bite on food stacked with it.

Did you know?

Blueberry is one of the natural food that are blue in colour.

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