How to increase height naturally-home remedies

Height makes you look in perfect way of your outfit and boost your confidence levels, most of the people growth hormones doesn’t work due to heavy stress level, improper nutrition diet, to be fact it is also based up on the genetics, the growing height for a normal is person at his 18 after that it stops but not completely as he follows proper nutrition diet, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, pulses.

Vitamin D plays vital role in increase of height and bone development mostly in children,

Dairy products


It contains proteins, calcium, vitamins A, B, D, E. Milk, Cheese, Paneer, Yogurt, Ghee ,these products contains essential nutrients for growth of height. Calcium helps to makes bones strong and increase of height through Vitamin D it consumes calcium through various foods. Intake this milk drink daily two times and have other products to your diet.

Nuts and Seeds


It helps in increase of height, Nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, Seeds are flax seeds, pumpkin seeds,  it contains essential minerals to the body, amino acids helps to repair the body tissues and helps in building tissues, the nutrients present in the nuts and seeds help in stimulating the growth hormones for the body. Soak the nuts and seeds in water for whole night and consume it daily you will see better results.

Soya Bean


Soya Bean is the top most richest nutritious food it helps to boost your height, it contains rich source of proteins, vitamins, folate, fiber, carbohydrates it makes a proper diet for improving the health. In soya bean protein content is more it help to improves the bones and tissue mass and density for increasing of height. Everyone should consume 50-100 grams of Soybeans daily, soak the soya beans in water over all the night and next daily boil it or add in your salads and other recipes. If not you can consume soya milk daily it is protein shake product.

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  1. Great tips! I believe that, there are three important tips can help anyone to grow taller fast eg. daily food habits, exercise and yoga. Apart from that as I know some supplement can help use to increase the height like: Growth FlexV and it can be available Thank you,

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